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Doral Florida west of the Miami International Airport and nestled between the Ronald Reagan Turnpike and the Palmetto Expressway is known for the Doral Golf Resort and Spa. Because of its proximity to the airport, the city of Doral has approximately 9000 businesses and in 2008 was listed in Fortune Small Business' top 100 cities for business and lifestyle appeal.  The city of Doral Florida has received numerous other accolades for its quality of life, retirement lifestyle, pro-business environment, cultural amenities and educated workforce by US News & World Report, CNN Money, Business Week and Forbes.  Some 3000 logistics-related companies are located in the city of Doral. The Miami Free Zone with more than 750K square feet of duty-free warehouse space is located at the corner of NW 25th street and NW 107th ave.  A 2008 Economic Development Survey indicated that approximately 43% of Doral Florida employees also live in the city of Doral.  Unemployment in Doral FL is normally lower than that of Miami and the state of Florida. 

Close to 150 thousand individuals work in the city of Doral with more than fifty banks and nearly fifty hotels and accommodations.  The large number of individuals working in the area plus rapid population growth in the city have created challenges to the flow of traffic through the city.  41st street near the Florida turnpike as well as NW 107th ave were widened to help traffic flow and now an exit off the Florida Turnpike at 74th st is anticipated to be completed soon (late summer 2010) and should alleviate traffic congestion for Doral residents and employees.  The 2010 US Census revealed that Doral Florida had approximately 45.7 thousand residents within a 13.6 square mile area.   80% of Doral FL residents are of Latin descent with the city of Doral having the highest proportion of Venezuelan residents in the US at more than 8%.  Median household income in Doral is estimated at $80 thousand.  Doral's Get Fit wellness program encourages Doral residents to increase their physical activity, promote healthy eating and develop awareness of health issues.   Doral's Get Fit programs include jazzercise, health seminars and Ed's Bootcamp offered at Morgan Levy Park and Doral Meadow Park.  

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The Miami Dade County Transport system does run along 87th avenue but public transportation within the city of Doral requires usage of the Doral Trolley.  The Doral Trolley commenced operation in early 2008 and operates from 7AM to 7PM, with numerous stops completes and repeats its route hourly.  The Doral Trolley route can be found at the following link...  .  The city of Doral now offers "Social Fridays" from 8PM to 11PM Fridays during which the Doral trolley tours the city and stops near local hotels, restaurants, cultural and entertainment venues at no charge (for more info contact 305-593-6725 ext 7007).  The city of Doral police department is known to be vigilant at enforcing traffic laws (one reason why it is such a nice place to live) so pay close attention to posted speed limits and street signs.

Univision, Telefutura and CBS 4 have studios in the Doral Florida area while other major employers include The Federal Reserve, Perry Ellis International, Pepsi Bottling Company, Brightstar, Carnival Cruises, Dole Flowers, Hellman Worldwide, Goya Foods, Rowland Coffee, Boston Scientific and Teva Pharmaceuticals. Note that 36th street becomes 41st street after one passes the Doral Golf Resort & Spa heading west. 

The city of Doral Florida was incorporated in 2003.  Doral FL has a sign ordinance (ordinance #2007-09) which provides guidelines & regulations for conforming signs and permit requirements which is available on the city's website.  In 2008 the city of Doral launched a beautification project which included the planting of some 2000 trees in the city.  As a result, the city of Doral received the designation "Tree City USA" by the National Arbor Day Foundation.  The name Doral is a derivation of the city hotel founders' names Doris and Alfred Kaskel.  The city of Doral city hall is located at 8300 NW 53rd St, suite 100, Doral FL 33166.   

La ciudad de Doral Florida al oeste del aeropuerto de Miami se encuentra entre el Ronald Reagan Turnpike y el Palmetto Expressway y es conocido por el Doral Golf Resort & Spa.  La ciudad de Doral tiene unos nueve mil negocios y en el año 2008 fue nombrada en la revista Fortune una de las mejores ciudades para el negocio y estilo de vida. Doral tiene unas tres mil empresas logisticas y una zona de libre comercio con 750 mil pies cuadrados de bodegas.  Unos ciento cincuenta mil empleados trabajan en la ciudad y hay más de cincuenta bancos y casi cincuenta hoteles.  El census de 2010 estimaba que el area de Doral tenía aproximadamente 45,7 mil residentes.  80% de ellos son Latinos.  Los ingresos por familia son estimados en $80 mil.  El sistema de transporte del condado de Miami Dade corre por la avenida 87 pero el transporte publico dento de la ciudad requiere el uso del Doral trolley. Univision, Telefutura y CBS4 tienen estudios en el area.  Otras empresas grandes en Doral incluyen Perry Ellis, Pepsi Bottling, Brightstar, Carnival Cruises, Dole Flowers, Hellman, Goya Foods, Boston Scientific y Teva Pharmaceuticals.  Favor de anotar que la calle 36 se convierte en la calle 41 por el Doral Golf Resort & Spa.   

Doral country club relaxing by the pool 

In the above photo Lorena Barroso Britt relaxes by the pool at Doral Golf Resort & Spa. In the following photo are Lorena Barroso Britt and her mother-in-law (Betsy Britt) at the Fuddruckers in Doral.

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